What is Crossfit? 💪🏻

Fitness has evolved a lot in the last recent years and has emerged new trends that nowadays are a success such as Crossfit.

Greg Glassman, hisgreg glassman crossfire fitness retreat creator 20 years ago, thought there was a lack of training that would complement the well-known bodybuilding trainings to shape people. A training specially designed for the military forces and that has become more than a sport.

Total remodeling of the concept we have in mind of a gym, rooms with simple material, a lot of space and a much more familiar environment than we can do anywhere. Surely this familiarization is what has made Crossfit so successful. Some of the benefits that crossfit can offer are: facilitate the loss of body weight, improve cardiovascular endurance, increase mobility or improve strength, agility and balance.

Can everyone practice it? Yes, everyone can practice and adapt it for all levels. Little by little, you will see how your level will improve and that is why this sport demands that each training give the best of you.

Crossfit competitions are a very good place where you can test your level and have a great time with the people from your box and the whole community. Some of the most successful competitions in Spain are XFIRE or Costa Brava Fitness Challenge.

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12 June, 2017 at 13:40

Addicted!! Love the energy that provides me their functional trainnings

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